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WT sin aus Holland und (wieder mal) eine meiner Lieblingsbands. Ähnlich wie Nightwish kombinieren sie Metal mit Oper. Aktuelles Album: The silent force, Aktuelle Single: Memories (meiner Meinung nach hätten se en schöneres Lied vom Album auskoppeln können z.b. See who I am oder Jillian)

Vorne Sharon den Adel, die Sängerin von Wt.
Rechts des mit der Glatze is der Robert Westerholt, der Freund von der Sharon und der gitarrist von Wt.
Mehr kenn ich net beim Namen :-)

Caged (guter song vom album "Mother Earth")

These are the darkest clouds
To have surrounded me
Now I find my self alone caught in a cage
There's no flower to be found in here
Not withering
Or pale to me
Everyone with a friendly face
Seems to hide some secret inside

He told me he loved me
While he laughed in my face
He just led me astray
He took my virtue
I feel so cold inside
Sorrow has frozen my mind

My heart is covered
With thoughts entangled
How could it ever have felt so real?
Is there a place more lonely than I feel within?
Could I have seen?
Could I have known?
I just took it as the truth
Everyone with a friendly face
Seems to hide some secret inside
Always there to remind me
To keep me from believing
That someone might be there
Who'll free me and never ever leave me

Jillian (bester song von "the silent force")

I've been dreaming for so long
To find the meaning
To understand
The secret of life
Why am I here
To try again

We'll always
We'll always
See the truth,
When it stares ya in the face
Will I ever
Will I never free my self
Breaking these chains

In my heart in my soul
I turn it back it's my fault
Your destiny is forlorn
After the turning sign
In my heart in my soul
I turn it back
And then I've lost
My key on the way

I've been living for so long
Many seasons past me by
I've seen kingdoms through ages
Rise and fall
I've seen it all

I've seen the harbour
I've seen the wonders
Happening just in front of my eyes
Will I ever
Will I never free myself by breaking it right?


Our dream ended long ago
All our stories
And all our glories
I held so dear
We won't be together for ever and ever
No more tears
I'll always be here
'Till the end

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